Sony MDR 7506 Headphone Maintenance

These Sony, MDR-7506 headphones are quite “Awesome” (for lack of a better word)!.. I realize you can pay a few hundred dollars more for even better headphones; however, these do the trick for me… The only complaint that I have up-to-date, is that the ear pads finally started rotting/shedding after a little over 10 years […]

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Early Rock Genre: “Take Me From This Loneliness,” a product of my “Somebody’s Cousin” Days”…

The band name, “Somebody’s Cousin,” actually came from a friend of ours who would say, “Ya know, you remind me of someone…  You look like somebody’s cousin…”… I guess this was probably the first “real band” I was ever in (over 20 years ago).  Real meaning, we actually tried to accomplish something with our music.  The […]

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